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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Off to Science Camp

Well guys, I'm off of to Science Camp.  I have had the amazing opportunity to write the curriculum for 4th grade Science Camp to prepare our students for the Science portion of AIMS.  Specific modules include:
·         Changes in Environments: students will go on a hike to look for evidence of natural events (floods, wildfires) and their effects on the environment.  (AZ 3.1.1)
·         Organisms and Environments: students will use an engineering kit to make renewable forms of energy (solar, wind, etc.).  (AZ 4.3.1 and AZ 5.3.1)
·         Earth’s Processes and Systems: students will do hands-on experiments outside to observe the effects of weathering and erosion. (AZ 6.2.1)
·         Changes in the Earth and Sky: students will take weather measurements with digital tools and graph the results. (AZ 6.3.1)
·         Diversity, Adaptations, and Behavior: students will take a nature walk and look for animals with adaptations such as camouflage and mimicry. (AZ 4.4.1)
·         Leadership: students will engage in several scenarios where they must work together as a team. 
·         Reading: students will be given quiet time throughout the camp to read nonfiction articles regarding the concepts they are learning.
·         Writing: students will have a journal and will be given quiet time to reflect and journal their learning.

·         Animal Sounds: students will take a hike at night to listen for animal sounds.

Although I will be out of wifi range (and exhausted from all the hiking), you know that I will blog all about our adventures when I return.  Best. job. ever.

*If you are interested in starting a Science Camp at your school, send me a private message.

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