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Monday, July 14, 2014

Ten Amazing Ways to Use Sticky Notes (with Freebies): Part 3

Looking for ways to save time, engage students, and stay organized?  
Sticky notes can help with that.  
In my last two posts, I shared 5 ways to use sticky notes in writing instruction for genres, six traits, rubrics, read alouds, and novel studies.  
This post is devoted to classroom organization.  

Charts and Walls
6.  Boggle Boards

How many of you have a Boogle Board?  Or maybe you add point values and it's more of a Scrabble Board?  Either way, instead of printing the letters and then cutting them out (perfectly, because if it's not, it will bug you all year), you can just print the letters on sticky notes.  The added advantage is that you can also change the point value when you print again.  You could start the year with single digit points, moving up to double digit, and ending with equations, such as A= 2 x 2.  

I have been addicted to loving Jodi's website, Clutter-Free Classroom, for years.  She's amazing at what she does and you have probably seen her work, if you don't already have her designs in your room already.  Click here for her Boggle Board ideas.  

7.  Anchor Charts

Even if you don't have a Boggle/Scrabble Board, chances are you do have anchor charts. all. over. your. walls.  There's nothing new with using sticky notes for students to record their thinking on anchor charts.  But, what about the teacher using pre-printed sticky notes?  

Look at the picture above (from The Reading and Writing Project).  Once you have taught your students how to "burst with curiosity", you could stack those pre-printed sticky notes on that spot.  When students set a purpose for reading, they could approach the anchor chart and select the sticky notes they will use that day.  

8.  Classroom Jobs

Show me an organized classroom and I'll show you a teacher who utilizes "classroom jobs".  Teachers typically use staples or push pins to keep the names and jobs on the wall.  But what about the teachers who have brick walls?  Or a crazy textured wall on which nothing will stick?  (oh, that was just me)  Sticky notes to the rescue.  Pre-printed sticky notes help those teachers who can't use staples or push pins.  In fact, sticky notes could help them with most bulletin boards, not just classroom jobs.  Lyndsey has super cute printables on her blog here.  


9.  Homework

Do you tend to give the same feedback on homework?  You could make a sticky note for that.  This website is super cute with printables for homework and home organization.  

10.  Notes for Students

I don't know about you, but I love giving my kiddos encouraging notes.  I have gone through the stamping phase but I still struggle to find the right sentiments.  Here's an idea: write your own!  You can write that catch phrase that you always say to the kids.  You can personalize it with their names.  Or, you can just use this super cute (free) template.  EnJOY!

Ten Amazing Ways to Use Sticky Notes (with Freebies) is a 3 part series.  

Part 1: Writing 

Part 2: Reading

Part 3: Charts, Walls, and Organization

Sticky Note How-To:

  1. Print the blank template.  If you are printing a pre-made printable, move on to the next step.  If you are creating your own printable, type directly into the squares on the word document.  **Before you print, remove the box outlines for the squares.
  2. Place your blank sticky notes on the squares.
  3. Place your sticky note paper into the printer (manual feed tray works best).
  4. Print, remove, and bask in the beauty of your amazing sticky notes!

As a life-long learner, I am constantly looking at new ways to take instruction to the next level.  How have you used sticky-notes in the classroom?

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