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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Best STEM School in Rural Arizona

Come late January/early February, Arizona will be buzzing about football....and STEM.
The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committe, in partnership with mining company, Freeport McMoran, hosted the STEM Superhero Awards.
The STEM Superhero Awards highlight excellence and innovation in STEM teaching throughout Arizona.  We will be selecting a team of 49 superheroes in the categories of Best STEM School, Most Innovative STEM Club, and Most Dedicated STEM Teacher. 
Cradleboard Elementary has been chosen as the Best STEM School!

Cradleboard Elementary has incorporated STEM into every grade level, from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  STEM is embedded into existing curriculum in the classroom.  Through professional development and collaboration, STEM is also being embedded into new curriculum outside the classroom, in the STREAM garden and on the trail.  We have inspired other reservation schools to use STEM as a way to better serve students and give them a hope for the future.

Cradleboard sent representatives to an awards ceremony held at the Arizona Science Center where we were awarded grant funding to keep our STEM program going.

This is a wonderful recognition of all our dedicated teachers.  They have all worked so hard to incorporate STEM into their Common Core curriculum.  Teachers often come to my office, animated about a science concept that they want to teach to their students.  The students sense that and the teacher's passion rubs off on the students.  Weekly, I have students (and parents) telling me about engineering projects they are doing at home.  Our library circulation rate has more than doubled, as students are feverishly reading to learn more about what they are studying.  Our teachers truly are Super Heroes!

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