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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

STEM Family Challenge: September

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is a term used by teachers to encompass lessons and projects which include these subjects. STEM units usually start with a problem.  The teacher guides the students through discovery and experimenting to find solutions.  STEM does not just happen at school. In fact, STEM can be very effective, engaging, and fun at home.  

At my school, I present a STEM Family Challenge each month.  Families take the challenge, complete a reflection sheet, and earn a $20 gift card to local businesses (bowling alley, movie theatre, miniature golf, etc.).  I would like to offer the STEM Family Challenge to you as well.  Although I can't offer you a gift card, I can put your name in lights HTML.  

STEM Family Challenge: September

September is prime county fair time.  Carnivals are making the fair circuit.  Chances are, your county fair is coming soon.  Why not use that excitement to launch your STEM Family Challenge?

Using items around the house, create a ride at the fair.  

See examples below for inspiration. Have FUN!

flickr photo: Helen Cassidy cc

eHow photo: Maggie Brooks
If you wish to have your name in lights HTML, email a pic of your project and the STEM Reflection Sheet to me at .  With your permission, I will post your pic!

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