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Saturday, September 7, 2013

National Parks: Treasures for Teachers - A Five Part Series

The National Park Service has created a department for teachers and learners of all ages.  Learn NPS offers a myriad of supplies and opportunities for teachers and classrooms.  Even if there are no national parks located near your school, there are online activities and virtual field trips available.  Learn NPS recently updated their website.  Now, you can search for educational materials by location, grade level, and keywords.  For the next five weeks, we will explore the resources for teachers (most of which are free!).  Read on and experience your America in a new way.

    1. Teacher Workshops
    2. Traveling Trunks and other Materials on Loan
    3. Virtual Field Trips and Other Online Opportunities
    4. Field Trips and Institutes
    5. Teacher-Ranger-Teacher

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