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Thursday, April 17, 2014

National Parks: Treasures for Teachers - Teacher Ranger Teacher: Updated for 2015

What is Teacher Ranger Teacher?

The Teacher Ranger Teacher (TRT) program is the centerpiece of the National Park Service's (NPS) Teacher Corps, a diverse collection of programs and opportunities for educators to partner and interact with the National Park Service. Teacher Ranger Teacher is a professional development opportunity for educators from K-12 schools to learn about National Park Service education resources and themes. Participants in the program shadow NPS staff working in natural and cultural resource management, environmental education, historical and scientific research or other career fields. Teacher Ranger Teachers also develop lesson plans based on NPS resources and produce a major education project during their experience.

What are the benefits?
Aside from the fun and learning, teachers benefit in a few other ways.   Most offer professional development hours for recertification.  And some even offer college credit. 

How do I find a park near me participating in the TRT program?

Teacher Ranger Teacher is a great place to start.  While not every national park offers TRT programs every year, they will be able to direct you to parks offering programs this coming summer. 

Click on the Apply tab and you will be directed to a list of parks offering Teacher Ranger Teacher programs this summer.

What are some examples of TRT programs?
  • Common Core State Standards projects
  • Applied STEM Education materials and activities
  • Educational podcasts
  • America’s Great Outdoors activities and programs
  • Healthy People/Healthy Parks projects
  • English Language Learner projects/activities
  • Applying/incorporating the arts into National Park Service education programs
  • Incorporating technology-based projects into National Park Service education programs
  • Service learning project identification and organization
  • Earth caching

National Parks: Treasures for Teachers is a five part series.  We will explore the resources for teachers (most of which are free!). Read on and experience your America in a new way.

  1. Teacher Workshops
  2. Traveling Trunks and Materials on Loan
  3. Virtual Field Trips and other Online Opportunities
  4. Teacher-Ranger-Teacher
  5. Field Trips and Institutes

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