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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Budgets, New Grants

Ahhh, the new year.  For many states, today will see new governors sworn into office.  Many legislators will return to the office to begin work on the new budget.  In most states, it won't be good news for education PreK-16.  And, even if you are fully funded for STEM, there is always "one more project" or "one more device" you want to purchase.

Enter grants.  Whether they be from non-profits, corporations, or wherever, grants are a wonderful way to supplement your budget.

Recently, I asked "what do you want to read about in 2015?".  Of all the responses, "grants" was tied for first place.

Science Foundation Arizona recently completed a survey of teachers across the state.  The number one response for greatest need is funding for STEM and Science in the classrooms.  Since the release of the Rural and Remote report, SFAz has offered many grant opportunities to seed STEM programs.

Dr. Eric Savage is the STEM Field Rep & AZ Grant Manager for Science Foundation Arizona.  Dr. Savage is Mr. Grant.  He has not only been awarded grants, but has sat on the other side of the table and has reviewed grant applications.  He speaks at conferences around the state.  If you ever have the chance to be in one of his sessions, it will be time well spent.  

Before we go any further, are you familiar with Science Foundation Arizona and their work with the Arizona STEM Network?  If not, I encourage you to go to their sites and sign up for notifications.  Sign up for RSS feeds or like their Facebook page.  Then go to the Arizona STEM Network site.  It is full of resources (STEM immersion guide, STEM Clubs, etc.).  A team of STEM experts created a searchable resource database for STEM Resources, STEM Curriculum, Video Resources, and Competitions/Contests.     

Dr. Savage has compiled a list of grant opportunities for STEM.  You can download it here.  Before you apply for a grant, take a look at the tip sheet and Grant Writing 101 presentation.  Dr. Savage has many more resources available, so again, if you have the chance to see Dr. Savage at a conference, attend his sessions. 

When applying for grants, keep these terms in mind: 

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