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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most Popular of 2014

2014 has been a great year.

At our school alone, we built a garden, went to Science Camp, launched rockets with aeronautical students, held a STEM Festival, went on virtual field trips, had national park rangers visit us, were named Best STEM School in Rural Arizona, and secured funding to keep and expand our STEM program district-wide.

Personally, after two years of very hard work, I earned my National Board Certification.  I was honored with the Arizona Technology in Education Teacher of the Year award.  And, along with the daily STEM Curriculum Developer position, I have started a Tech Club at the local Boys and Girls Club, spoken at conferences around the country, consulted with teachers around the state, and have become a STEM Certified(TM) Trainer for

This blog has had a great year too.  What started out as a place to share some STEM ideas, has become a go-to resource for teachers nationwide.  Here is the top ten most popular posts for 2014 (in case you missed them):

10.  STEM After-School Enrichment Clubs
9.  Grandparents Day, STEM Style
8.  Innovation Nation STEM Festival
7.  Infographics for STEM
6.  Read Across America, STEM Style
5.  Going Places with STEM
4.  Arizona Sample Questions
3.  Finding Common Core Passages Online
2.  STEAMing Ahead to Stop the Summer Slide: Math
1.  How to Support Your Spouse When They Return to School

Looking into 2015, what do you want to read here?

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