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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

STEM Summer Reading Series

The end of the school year approaches like an airplane, preparing for landing. You ask yourself, "Did I teach them enough?" "Did I expose them to other cultures?" "Did I inspire them?" Your journey is ending; it's been mapped out for you. 180 days. 7 hours per day. But you know the truth. The truth is, the journey of a lifelong learner is not over. Summer is merely a layover, until your students board another plane in September (or August) and take off on another adventure.

Summer reading programs exist all over the nation. Local libraries and online sources offer rewards and incentives for students to read over summer break. But, what about you? Chances are, you read over summer break too. You read "how to" improve your classroom. You read about the newest educational technology. You read novels and completely lose yourself in a fictional time and place.

Just as you prepare packets and programs for your students for summer break, you might be preparing your stack (or queue) of books. Maybe you are cashing in those Barnes and Noble gift cards. Maybe you are using your credits on Paper Back Swap. Maybe you are downloading books to your Kindle. Or, perhaps, you're not sure what to read this summer. You have heard about this concept of "STEM" or you want to do deeper with Engineering in your classroom. But, which book to read? I mean, we do have a limited amount of time and an even more limited amount of funds. 

Well, that's exactly why I have compiled this list of STEM Summer Reading. Last year, I spoke with STEM professionals around my state and they contributed what they were reading. You can click on the links below to read the posts last year. 

This year, I want to open the series to the entire nation world! Hint: that means you. So, what are you reading this summer? If you are interested, tell me which books you are reading and send me a quote (one sentence or so) of why teachers should read that book this summer. Send your information to my email at .  

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