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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tutorials 101: Creating Student Tutorials

I love the 21st Century Classroom. The teacher is no longer the "sage on the stage", yet the "guide on the side". And that's true of the 21st Century Conference. Conferences now have interactive keynotes (awesome presentation, Nick!), smackdowns during lunch, and collaborative sessions. Don't even get me started on the concept of un-conferences! That will blow your mind!

This past weekend, I gathered with a bunch of like-minded individuals who want to learn more about the effective use of integrating educational technology. The end goal is always to maximize student success! The presentations are not about how much one person knows and how amazing they are. Although, there were PLENTY of amazing presenters doing amazing things, but that wasn't the focus. Many "presentations" became a space where "audience" members shared their successes and resources as well.  This was especially true in my session. 

I want to use this space to highlight some of the great apps/programs that fellow colleagues are using.  Wherever possible, I will pay homage to the colleague who shared the resource.

Videos used in presentation:

Additional videos and support on the following programs:

Snagit Chrome Extension

Suzanne Sallee shared this website. Did you know that you can use Snagit to create animated gifs? I didn't. Thanks Suzanne for the resource.

Peggy George shared uJam and vJam as a way to record yourself. Learn more about there here

Peggy also shared about WeVideo. Check them out here. (Peggy was very active in the backchannel). 

My thanks to everyone. I learned more from you than you probably learned from me. But, that's the 21st Century Classroom Conference. 

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